Attestation Exam

NEW: Offer participants a post-course exam as part of the package so they receive an Attestation of Achievement. 

The Attestation Exam is optional. The LOC can either pay the exam fees for all participants or the participants can pay for the exam individually. Course participants will receive an email after completion of the course with instruction on how to pay for and/or to access the exam. Upon passing the attestation exam, the examinees shall receive an Attestation of Achievement indicating they have mastered the material taught in the course. The LOC only pays for a first attempt. If a participant fails the first time, the participant is responsible for paying for additional attempts.

This is not a certification exam. The Attestation Exam consists of 60 questions, a passing score will be 70%, and course participants will be able to retake a different version of the exam until they successfully complete. However, it is envisioned that the Attestation of Achievement will serve as proof a person has mastered the contents of this course, and will be the commonly accepted method of assessment outside the US.

Translating Attestation Exam

The Attestation Exam is provided in English. It may be translated into different languages at the expense of the LOC. LOCs interested in translating the exam are requested to complete and sign the Exam Translation Approval Form and to send it to the course administrator.  The translation must be validated as accurateA copy of the translation should be submitted to the  course administrator for approval at least 6 weeks prior to first usage. 

Attestation Exam Fee

Each examinee electing to take the exam will be charged USD 45, Payable via credit card at the time the examinee accesses the exam..


ISCD also offers a Certification Program, which includes Certification for Clinicians (Certified Clinical Densitometrist – CCD) and for Technologists (Certified Bone Densitometry Technologists – CBDT). This Certification is independent of the course. Course participants who desire certification should go to the ISCD website to obtain the appropriate application form, review testing procedures, and review qualifications and fees. However, please note that one does NOT need to take a course to sit for the certification exam, but a mastery of the Body of Knowledge (provided on the ISCD website) is necessary to successfully pass either Certification Exam.

Upon successful completion of the Certification Exam an individual will be awarded certification for a period of 5 years for CCD and 3 years for CBDT. The certification exams can be taken in Commercial test centers (Prometric Centers), located throughout the world. A listing of test centers is available on the ISCD website. The cost of the certification exam ranges from 225 - 450 USD depending upon which certification and membership type.