Courses are organized by Local Organizing Committees (LOCs), using the core Osteoporosis Essentials Course material.


The first step is to click on the “ORGANIZE A COURSE” button and to complete the LOC Agreement form (we recommend at least six weeks prior to the course).

Afterwards, you will have access to your personal “Course Management” page. Upon completion of the LOC agreement and payment, the LOC will be able to access the course slides, syllabus, banners and course logo for your promotion material.

As soon as the course is approved by IOF and ISCD, the course will be listed in “Upcoming Courses” and available for participants to sign up.

Course Fees

The LOC will need to pay a fee for each course held. Payments can only be made via Credit Card or Bank Transfer. Payment will need to be completed prior to obtaining course material or offering the course. An offering is considered one date/session. If a LOC offers both the Clinician and the Technologist Course at the same time, they will pay only one fee and submit only one LOC agreement form to the course administrator.

Not-For-Profit LOC Pricing
First course per Calendar Year (January 1 – December 31): USD 800
Each additional course in the same calendar year: USD 600

For-Profit LOC (please contact us)

It is recommended that you complete the LOC Agreement form at least six weeks prior to the course in order provide enough time for participants to register. After the validation by IOF and ISCD for the course to go ahead, the LOC will have the opportunity to modify some of the content and/or translate the course material and/or translate the exam. For more information please contact an IOF / ISCD course administrator.

Course Faculty Selection

The LOC selects the course faculty and has a responsibility to assure that the faculty selected is knowledgeable of the course and of the concepts being taught. When selecting the faculty, please consider the following:

  • Knowledge of the field and the course material
  • Understanding of the Official Positions of both the IOF and ISCD
  • IOF Membership (either IOF member or member of CNS, CSA, or Board) and/or ISCD
  • Appropriate Academic credentials

The review process will depend on whether the LOC is a not-for-profit or for-profit organization:

Not-for-profit LOC – Faculty appointed by the LOC must be approved by a member of one of the following groups: the ISCD Education Council, one of the ISCD Regional Panels, the IOF Committee of Scientific Advisors, or the IOF Regional Advisory Committee.

A form with the Faculty selected by the LOC along with the name of the person who approved them, must be submitted to the course administrator six weeks prior to the course.

For-profit LOC – Faculty selected by the LOC must be submitted for approval to the course administrator six weeks prior to the course. The LOC should allow 10 business days for the faculty approval.